Team Discussion Materials

On this page, you can find the templates for the Syllabus, Schedule, and team interview guidelines. All the documents and interview/discussion process will be based on the virtual intercultural exchange model implemented in a previous intercultural exchange program, as figured below.

These documents are available in Google Documents format, which can be downloaded through the links below. Please download the documents or make a copy if you want to make some edits. DO NOT edit the original file in the links below since it would be used for future teams.

Hope these will be useful and your team activities will give many insights and learning interculturally! Thank you!

Syllabus & Schedule

This document will give you the overall concept and activity for the Intercultural Understanding Pedagogy course, which is the basis for the intercultural exchange.

Download Syllabus & Schedule

Interview Guidelines

This document will help in doing the interview during the intercultural exchange. You will have some guides in primary aspects to be inquired through the intercultural exchange.

Download Interview Guidelines